Steven Dardaganis

Angelo Matsas

Physiotherapy (La Trobe University, 2008)

Steve currently works as a Physiotherapist and Wellness Consultant with a health & wellbeing interest in a dynamic team of experienced allied health professionals. His key focus is on wellness risks in businesses, to manage and reduce costs associated with lost productivity and to create a healthier workforce.

Steve previously worked at a busy private rehabilitation centre. He has experience in treating a wide variety of conditions, with a particularly keen interest in the treatment of patients with chronic pain. His approach involves both practical therapy and thorough education in self-management strategies, enabling patients to maintain active functional & vocational roles within the community.

Steve is also determined to deliver comprehensive Physiotherapy services to patients in their own home. With more than 8 years’ experience conducting home-based consultations, Steve has refined a versatile skill set and ingenuity to develop targeted recovery programs. He has a passion to maximise and maintain patients’ independence following hospital stays, after falls, and during recovery from acute or chronic illness.